My First Stitch Fix

I have a dirty little secret.  I love to shop.  In fact, Amazon Prime pretty much pays for itself in the first two months of the year based on how much I order.  The UPS guy knows my address by heart.  This is because I really don’t like going to the store.  When I do enter one, it’s a grab and go situation.  Get in, get it, and get out.  It has nothing to do with me being an extreme introvert.  Nope.  Ok, yes it does.

What you might not know is I love fashion.  If I were skinny me with fat me’s income, my closet would make you cry with envy.  But going into a store, browsing through racks of clothes, and changing in a stuffy dressing room under unflattering flourescent lighting is pretty much my idea of torture.  There’s too much input, and nothing ever fits anyway.

I was commiserating with a girlfriend at the office about my lack of cute work clothes a week or so ago and she mentioned that her friends love this service called Stitch Fix.  You set up a style profile that includes some pretty thorough questions about what kind of clothes you like, the sizes you wear, your proportions, things to avoid, and preferred price points.  Then you have the option to schedule a “fix” and a stylist will take your information (and any other info you share like your Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) and send out five surprise items.  They don’t make an “outfit” per se, but they should fill in some gaps in your current wardrobe.

I decided to try it.  After all, it lets me try new clothes (yay!!!), I won’t be overwhelmed by too many choices, and I might learn a bit more about how to dress this rather frumpy peri-menopausal frame.  There is a $20 styling fee, but if you buy something, it’s applied to your purchase.  There’s no way I’m not going to buy something, so I had nothing to lose.  If you don’t want any (or all) of the items, you plunk them in the provided pre-paid priorty mail envelope and drop it in the nearest post office box within three days.  A 25% discount applies if you buy everything in your fix.

My first fix arrived today.  Seriously, where has this been my whole life?!  Wait, words can’t describe my glee!  I’m so excited with this that I’m even going to post (gasp!) selfies!

Here’s what the box looks like.


It comes with a styling idea card and a personalized note from your stylist.


I unwrapped the pretty tissue paper to discover this!


Oh my!  It’s not something I would have been drawn to in a store, but the colors in that top piece were so pretty I rushed to put it on.  It fit perfectly, and hubby liked it.  The belt is mine.  That’s one of the coolest things about trying things on at home, you can figure out what you already have that works with it.  I have shoes to match the belt but was too lazy to get them out.


Seriously, these colors are so pretty!  I would never have thought this pattern would work for me, but it does.  Ignore the bushman eyebrows.


I’ll never be a model.  Oh well….      Next, I paired this green blouse they sent with the skirt that was in the box.


Digging it.  Check out the sweet tulip sleeves!


Even though I already have a blouse in this exact color in a smaller size *cries*, I’m buying this one.  Blouses with adorable details that fit are far and few between.  Stitch Fix also carries jewelry, bags, and shoes.  They sent me these awesome enameled bangles.  They had me at enamel.  Gotta love that pasty, Polish complexion, amiright?


This last piece I’m not so sure of.  It’s a mixed material knit top.  The fabric is OMG so soft!  It’s super comfortable.  But it seems a bit long on me, and it feels boxy, and I’m not so sure of the polka dots.  The stylist suggested pairing with white denim, but I don’t have that, so I threw on a pair of skinnies, my favorite perforated gold flats, and my go-to Stella & Dot lariat necklace.  Tell me what you think.  I’m not sure about this one.


And the back –


I loved my first fix!  If this appeals to you, go for it!  Here are some final thoughts to help you make a decision.

  • Prices are retail, but they price-match.  Although you can choose your price point, keep in mind that the prices average $55 per piece (before discount).  However, these items are not from Target or Old Navy.  You’re more likely to find these brands at Nordstroms.
  • The quality of these clothes is better than the stuff I usually buy.  That dress is fully lined, and I’ve NEVER felt a t-shirt that soft.
  • The picks are personalized to your wants and needs.  Your stylist is there to help you.
  • Do you like fun surprises in boxes arriving to your door?  I do.  Enough said.
  • Are you too busy/tired/overwhelmed to shop for yourself?  Fill out a style profile and get started.
  • Fixes can be scheduled on a bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as-needed basis.
  • If you need styling for a wedding/cruise/camping trip (whatever), just tell your stylist before your next fix.
  • Your Pinterest board is your best tool for guiding your stylist.  Here’s mine if you’re curious My Style Pinboard
  • They carry Petite and Tall sizes, but only go up to size 14.  Sorry.  If it makes you feel better, I’m a 14.
  • Some folks think that only slender young women can have successful fixes.  Proving ya’ll wrong, right here.  Ha!
  • They will be starting up fixes for Men in the fall.  Hubby is going to look so dapper!
  • Hate taking your little kids to the store to try on clothes?  I found a subscription service for them too: Sprouting Threads

Now the nitty gritty.  I did not receive compensation for this post, nor did I receive anything for free.  However, if you click over to the website using this link – Stitch Fix I might be eligible to receive a referral credit.  I don’t expect any.  Anyone who is interested has probably done their own homework by now.  I’m pretty late to the party.