Time for a Change

I have a love-hate relationship with my hair, but one thing that has been pretty consistent over the past 30 years is that I have kept it long.  It occurred to me recently that the only reason I was keeping it long was so that it would look right for historical reenactment purposes.  Well, I haven’t been doing that nearly as much as I had to, oh say, go to work, or look professional for other reasons.  Hippie-long hair does not lend itself well to what I do for the majority of my life.

The last straw with the long hair came last weekend when I came down for breakfast and my husband joked that I looked like a religious radical.  That tore it.  I made an appointment with my hair stylist with no real plan in mind, just a vague idea that it needed to be shorter.

I thought I would only take off about 4-5 inches and layer it up again.  In the end, when I marked off how much I thought we should take off, it came to around 7 inches.  The stylist said that if I took off 8 inches, it could be donated to wigs for kids.  Sure, go ahead.  After tying it off, it ended up being 9 inches off.

After all was said and done, about 11 inches was cut off the length, and my hair is above my shoulders.  It turned out pretty cute though.  Best of all, hubby likes it!


Oppositional Forces

It’s odd how life has a way of mitigating forces that oppose each other.  There have been some criticisms directed towards me this week from several different directions.  One of which made zero sense whatsoever.  Each criticism has been blunted by multiple indications of support and encouragement.

These opposite forces can be seen everywhere.  From the winter storm that shut down the city for a day, followed by 70 degree temperatures, to a shipping delay that was handled with friendly and expert customer service.  Each negative was mitigated by something that not only erased the issue, but made life in general better all around.

I think that some people do not have a personality that allows them to see the forces of good working so they wallow in misery.  They’re simply toxic, and they spread that toxicity like a disease.  It’s quite sad.  Even sadder, when it is obvious to most observers what the individual is doing, because the person they are hurting the most is themselves.  I feel sorry for them, but I gave up trying to reason with people like that a long time ago. 

In my life, I have spent a lot of time trying to rise above and be the better person.  Letting someone verbally self-destruct might not be strictly in line with that claim, but sometimes one has to walk away and hope that whatever dark thing is possessing them becomes weak from lack of input so that they are better able to see the light of day later. 

And anyway, living well and happily is the easiest way to prove them wrong.  The best way to lead is by example.