Last week I got my first seed catalog.   Usually, that triggers a desire to get out into the yard and get my garden prepped, but we just had two snowstorms in two weeks.  Additionally, I don’t need any more seeds right now.  There are enough left over from the last couple of years that are still good.  Plus, the garden was deeply neglected last year because I don’t do heat and last summer was a scorcher.  It appears that I will need to dig out the beds and start over, which I am dreading.

However, I am still in a planting mood.  Over the holidays, I acquired a Christmas cactus and a poinsettia for my office.  That prompted me to re-pot the terribly sad Thanksgiving cactus, an aloe from my sister (an offshoot from one I got when I was four years old), and my insane spider plant that are kept at home.  For some reason, those are the indoor plants that I find myself unable to kill.

With the nearly 70 degree temperature yesterday, I found myself at the greenhouse while out running errands.  I have been thinking about trying a bonsai for some time so I headed over to the part of the shop where they are displayed.  The ready-made bonsai plants were too expensive to consider, but the greenhouse sells the pots and plenty of young plants used for bonsai.

I chose a serissa variagated snow rose because it is reputed to bloom profusely with hundreds of tiny star-shaped flowers.  Flowering plants are a bit of a weakness.  Of course, after coming home and researching what I purchased, it turns out that this is one of the more difficult plants for a beginner, and the regular potting soil I keep on hand is too peaty for this type of plant.  Amazon Prime to the rescue!  The right soil, some screen, wire, and a few tools will be here later in the week so I can get started.

In the meantime, I repotted some ugly Chinese evergreen rescued from the trash at the office.  If they live, yay.  If not, at least I tried, right?



4 thoughts on “Bonsai!

  1. I had to leave all my houseplants in Boston when I moved. I had a Christmas cactus that bloomed every year in early December, and I’d had it for >15 years. The people I left it with have been sending me pictures at Christmas, which is nice. It’s still blooming! But I don’t have anything else here except an orchid I got as a housewarming gift that seems like it may be dying.

  2. How wonderful that you found folks to take such good care of your Christmas cactus. They are pretty indestructible so far as I can tell. A friend of mine swears orchids are easy, but she has a whole room devoted to them with full spectrum lights and a special watering system. Maybe I will pull the trigger and try to find a way not to kill one. Best of luck making your orchid happy again.

  3. There is just nothing like having your hands in dirt; smelling humousy soil; and touching another living thing. I loved my houseplants that I had at the office but sadly I cannot grow them here at home because I have a cat that is wickedly intent on killing any plant I try to grow in my house. Thankfully I have a large vegetable garden and yard to satisfying my need for growing things and playing in the dirt.

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