Yarn, Food & Dirt

I still haven’t knitted the toe on that sock.  It’s not as if I haven’t had time, but I just can’t seem to find it in me to sit down and just get it over with.  Perhaps I should give myself a deadline – especially since I want to use that set of needles to work on a Christmas present for someone.  I can’t believe I’m still planning to knit a gift and I haven’t even bought the yarn yet.  Clearly, nobody has ever accused me of being sane.

Now that our family has kind of gotten back into the swing of planning dinners ahead of time, we are eating much better.  One trip to the store every week is better for our time management, our stress levels, and our budget as well.  Since that has been so successful, I think I might start carrying lunch to work too.  As much as I enjoy leaving the office to get lunch, it is really expensive.  Plus, I’ve gained back half the weight I lost this winter.  I need to be more disciplined if I want to get back into those cute new clothes.

The garden needs to be cleaned out and reset for next year’s crop.  This year’s crop was pretty much a dud.  We got a couple of cucumbers and some tomatoes; but we couldn’t eat the tomatoes before worms got to them so it was a waste.  Maybe I won’t bother to plant any next year.  I might just plant all annuals so I can enjoy the garden again instead of fighting off the pests.

We have brought in many of the plants for the winter.  (That reminds me, they need to be watered.)  I ordered 40 daffodil and tulip bulbs so that we can enjoy some spring color.  I’d like to hire someone to put the big landscape beds in for me because I know that I just don’t have time to do it.  The plan was to get that done this summer but I had no luck finding anyone to help.


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