Just another day in RVA.

I tried desperately to instagram the crap out of an oddity today but got caught in the act and had to slink away slowly.

So my coworker and I made a run to Chipotle to grab some lunch. The one near our office usually has limited parking so as soon as C found a parking space he raced up to it, only to change his mind and circle the lot again. “Holy cow! Did you see that?” “Did you see what I saw?” Yup, we both saw the same thing.

As C was getting ready to maneuver into the spot, we both noticed a Very Large and Prominent mud dauber’s nest coming out the trunk of the car next to the space we were about to occupy. Even crazier, it had live wasps going in and out of it. Now we’re at that Chipotle several times a week, so it’s not like that car is permanently parked there. Somebody is driving a car with a LIVE mud dauber’s nest on it. You know they had to be all up in the trunk too – and how were they not inside the car if they are in the trunk?

Anyway, I knew nobody would believe me so I approached the car and prepared to take a picture for posterity when the driver and his companion walked out of Chipotle and caught me. They seemed oblivious to the scary nest of stinging insects on their car. I gave them a quick nod of acknowledgement and practically ran into the restaurant, red with embarrassment.

It is killing me that I didn’t get a shot of that noise to share with you all. Just another day in the River City.

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