Back on the Training Plan

I’ll get back to recording Seattle memories in a bit, but today I want to talk about something else. My company is very small. There are only 32 employees and we have one location. That’s how small we are for an institution with the reach we have.


The president was brainstorming with some of us about team building activities. Most of us on the “upstairs” staff (read: primarily credit officers) push a lot of paper and do a lot of face-to-face interaction with clients, while the “downstairs” staff do all the heavy lifting as far as getting the real nitty gritty taken care of (read: correspondence services), and the remote folks are rarely ever seen. So he was looking for a way for us all to do something social and fun together. What we came up with was a running/walking team since most of us are either already avid runners/walkers, or are looking to get more healthy.

The first event we picked is the Sportsbackers Corporate 4 Miler. It’s a nice, laid-back run/walk event on a Thursday evening in June. I’ve run it before and had a lot of fun. Eight people joined the team. I think 25% participation isn’t bad considering a number of folks are either remote or on travel most of the time. We’re getting team technical shirts and everything. It’s awesome that everywhere I have worked in the last 20 years has fielded a running team and let me take part. Hopefully these shirts will be better than the ones at my last two jobs. Ask me to show them to you if you ever want a laugh.

Unfortunately, I no longer have a cardio base. I’ve run a few miles here and there since my last half marathon two and a half years ago, but nothing that would adequately prepare me for a four mile road race in nearly 100 degree temperatures after a long work day.

I started to prepare for the race this week by running 1.7 miles a couple of times. Tomorrow I’ll do 2+ miles, and will attempt to get up to four miles by the weekend before the race. It’s a month away. The plan I’ve come up with doesn’t feel too ambitious. Hopefully it works so I don’t look like a dork getting passed by all the lunchroom walkers. Worse comes to worse I’ll just Galloway the race.

Tomorrow I’m going to check out new shoes and some new gear. I weigh 15 pounds less than I did when I was training before so most of my gear is too big. I guess if you’re going to have a gear problem, that’s not such a bad one to have. It just sucks because I have to replace all of it – even the shoes. My feet have shrunk a size.


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