String Trio

Life has been pretty busy of late. Last month, my youngest son came home from 4th grade completely enamored with a group of kids that came over from the middle school to play their stringed instruments for his class. He fell in love with the string bass. So much in love, that I looked all over town for a 1/4 size bass to rent, but nobody had one. Fortunately, I know a few cellists, and they talked him into learning the cello until he is big enough for a bass.

When I took youngest boy to rent his instrument, oldest boy admitted that he would like to learn to play a string instrument too, but he wasn’t sure which one. He finally settled on the viola because he thought the violin is too screechy, and his brother already was going to play the cello.

I found teachers for both boys. The youngest is with a wonderful lady who teaches in the schools and subs for the Richmond Symphony. The oldest is learning with my violin teacher, who also teaches viola. We were lucky enough that my teacher could just extend my session by 30 minutes and we share a lesson. It works out great.

My boys picked string instruments! To say that I am thrilled is a bit of an understatement. I truly hope they stick with them. Playing can be so rewarding, once you get past the basic stage. And a little part of me hopes that they will play with me sometimes too. The cool thing is that I get to try their instruments too, which I’ve been dying to do forever.

Now if only money would fall out of the sky. I was saving up to buy a new violin, but with the addition of two instrument rentals and two more sets of lessons, all that money is going away. I don’t mind though. Music education is just too important to me. My new instrument can wait.


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