It Began With a Chocolate Brownie

Changing your diet has its downfalls. After you change the way you eat, things that once held a lot of appeal suddenly don’t taste as good as you used to think they did.

It all started with a Board meeting at work. When the Board members show up, the office provides lunch, and if anything is left over an email goes out for everyone to “come and get it”. I wasn’t tempted by the usual deli offerings after Tuesday’s meeting, but there was just one brownie left. It was soft, chocolaty, and covered in pecans. Honestly, it was worth throwing off my daily plan.

However, that brownie led me down a road of bad food choices for the next two days. Tuesday night I didn’t feel like cooking, and the kids talked me into ordering pizza. Mind you, I only ate two pieces, and it didn’t really derail me – just put me at maintenance calories for the day; but I felt bad about it. Not only was the pizza not in alignment with the healthier choices I have been making, it really just didn’t taste good. It used to taste savory and garlicky and wonderful. This pizza seemed overly sweet and greasy. It wasn’t made differently, I just had a different reaction than I used to.

Wednesday I swore to myself that I would hop right back on the wagon, but I met some friends over by McDonalds during the lunch hour. Instead of driving over to the grocery store for a salad like I had planned, I swung through the drive through and got a Big Mac meal (one of my favorite meals there). Once again, it was a disappointment. The fries tasted greasy and the sandwich seemed to be all bread and sauce. Not to mention that it used up all my remaining calories for the day. I ended up eating only green beans and mushrooms at dinner, ultimately going just 71 calories over my goal.

In all, I really didn’t derail my food plan that much. The worst effect was the one to my ego. After having been good for a month, I let myself feel guilty for eating the “wrong” foods. In reality, they fit fine into my day with some minor adjustments. I just assigned guilt to them because they’re supposed to be bad for you.

The change in eating has really started making a difference though. I’m down a dress size, which is nice because that was one of the goals, but bad because I had recently bought a new wardrobe. I’ve noticed other changes as well, like now I can cross my legs. I can’t remember when I stopped being able to do that, but one day last week all the sudden I could do it again. Yes, I know it’s bad for you. I don’t care. I know that losing the next dress size is a ways away, but it’s something I can actually picture now.

What did I learn by all of this change so far? Focus on eating healthy food most of the time, but don’t skip the brownie. Brownies are yummy!


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