Fun with Food

It’s such a cliché – new year, new beginning; but I did it anyway. Remember last year when I started the 17 day diet but quit because I was getting too obsessive? Well I gained back five pounds and was feeling miserable so I have decided to go back on the diet. This time I am following it much more loosely. I don’t care about what time of day I take in certain nutrients, or if I cheat and have a bit of bacon here and there. It’s not about any particular food being bad anymore, but whether or not I’m getting the right macronutrients in sufficient amounts, without going over what my body needs to the point where the weight goes back on.

It’s working. I’ve lost the five pounds I put back on (must have been mostly bloat), and am on the road to make some additional progress. One of the best parts is that this time the family is on board. They are having fun trying out new recipes and learning about how food can fuel the fun things they want to do. I haven’t taken away their candy, chips, or sugar cereals. They just join me in my dinner meal which is generally the biggest of my day so that we can all enjoy sitting to the table together. We have found all kinds of fun ways to cook poultry, and on the days I eat stuff they don’t care for (fish) they go out for tacos or something. It has been easy and painless so far.

It is interesting to note that I gained that five pounds back so quickly and lost it quickly as well. I think the contributing factor might be wheat, because the weight changes have been associated with adding bread back, and taking bread out of my diet. I may be slightly intolerant. I will be watching that closely as I start adding things back to my food rotation since this diet is based largely on an ingredient elimination scenario. If it turns out that wheat is a contributing factor, it may mean that I eat less of it in the future. In the meantime, since I lost what I gained back, any future losses mean progress toward my ultimate goal.

One of the reasons I picked now to do this is that almost everyone I go out to lunch with at work is on a diet too. For that reason, we are all less likely to take an hour to get a pizza at the Italian place, or run down to get some fast food on the strip as a group. Call me a lemming, but it’s working for now. However, when February rolls around and they all go off the wagon, I’ll have to bear up and focus on how to stay eating in a healthy way. I am really working to get out of the overweight BMI category. Sure, part of that is because I want to wear cute clothes; but there are other reasons too, like modeling responsible eating for my kids, and being around when they are grown-up. Also, cute clothes. *yay!* Because seriously, nobody is that virtuous.


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