Holidays are Here

It used to be that December was a terrible month for me despite Christmas being my favorite holiday. My father died 12/14/1984. Every year, I would get depressed around that time and wonder why until I realized the connection. Now, thirty years later, I marked the one year anniversary of my mother’s sudden death on November 21. This was the second Thanksgiving without my mother. Last year, things were already set, and my brother and sister and I “celebrated” as best we could because we needed each other’s support. This is the first year I had no one from my side of the family as part of our day of thanks. I went through the motions with my husband’s family, but my heart wasn’t in it. I’m not sure I will every really enjoy Thanksgiving day again. Well, maybe thirty years from now if things go on as they have.

Thanksgiving is behind us so now we can get down to the business of enjoying Christmas. Yesterday was an unusually warm day. Moe was unexpectedly off work due to damage from a power outage at the plant, so he brought the holiday decorations in and hung the outside lights. I should have taken the time to put up at least one tree, but I stayed busy cleaning the boys’ bathroom, sorting through old work papers, and practicing for upcoming holiday concerts.

I probably won’t get around to doing much decorating around the house until this weekend due to all the commitments on my calendar:

Monday – holiday program rehearsal
Tuesday – consort practice for Yule
Wednesday – date with my hubby to see my teacher play in the University of Richmond Symphony
Thursday – string ensemble practice
Friday – I’m playing in a benefit concert to support Arts Partners
Saturday – my company’s holiday party.

There will be lots of violin playing this week, but very little violin learning, which is why I had to work so hard at it this past weekend.

With all that going on, one of the things I have done to reduce the stress in my life was to order Christmas presents online. Why did I not do this sooner? Shopping during the holiday madness has always just about ruined Christmas for me. I will have to get stocking stuffers in a store, but that isn’t so bad. I also had to go clothes shopping because we have to wear black bottoms with red or green tops to the benefit concert this year. Last year, I just wore what I wore to work. And oddly, I own neither red, nor green tops. Fortunately I found a cute red top I can wear for work at half off. Check, and done.

Here’s hoping everyone finds happiness in their holiday.


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