Slowing Down Speeds Things Up

You knew it wouldn’t be long before I got back to violin blogging, right? This girl is seriously obsessed.

At any rate, I have come up on a couple of issues that are holding me back, namely quadruplets with varying bowings and string crossings, vibrato, and timing. My teacher has given me a number of ways to practice these things which should cure the problem, IF I manage to practice them correctly. Note the big IF.

Here’s the thing – my practice is limited to a couple of hours late at night. As a morning person, my attention span has pretty much gone kaput at that point, but what are you gonna do, right? Practice time is practice time. What has been happening is that I play through the pieces I am working on, do some concentrated work on open strings and the etude I am working on that week, and hurry through the identified weak points in my concertos. That’s all good, except for the last bit.

One of the issues I have identified is that if I play something incorrectly, I just keep repeating it to try to fix the problem. However, this means that I am practicing it more times wrong than right. Because once I get it right, I move on. When I come back to the same place the next day, I automatically play it wrong. Why is that? Oh yeah, I only played it right once and wrong 15 times.

Because of this, I have become increasingly frustrated. I have known all along that it needs to be practiced more times right than wrong, and yet I have been doing exactly the opposite. Why? Because I’m tired, and too lazy to stop and correct the errors when they happen. I guess I’m afraid to slow down because that feels like going backwards, when in reality, it would help me move forwards. Did that make sense?

Here, this guy says it way better than I do:

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