On the Frizz

Today has been an exercise in frustration. I hit paralysis on a deal early in the day, which stuck until nearly time to go. Then there were multiple personal communication issues, not the least of which was missing my long anticipated hair appointment.

A short digression: My hair is unmanageable. When most people have a bad hair day, they might have a few flyaways, or limp locks. My hair is like electrified barbed wire on a good day. So when I found an amazing hair stylist a year or so ago, I swore no one else would ever touch my hair. He’s uber expensive though, so I only go four times a year.

Going so infrequently to the salon means that I walk around with pretty awful hair for the last three to four weeks before my scheduled appointment. My salon has always taken good care of me though, and made sure I didn’t miss my appointment by both tweeting and calling beforehand. Except this time they didn’t and I missed it.

I freaking missed my GD hair appointment! Do you know how far out I have to make an appointment with this guy? Like 10 weeks! I can’t go 10 more weeks without some hair intervention. I will seriously just die of embarrassment.

Please, somebody send chocolate and wine, STAT! Also a wig, because now I will have to shave my head.


One thought on “On the Frizz

  1. Perhaps dreadlocks?! LOL! Sorry about the missed appointment. Seriously, I get how much feeling good about yourself gives confidence to everything else you do in a day.

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