Unemployment – Day One

So this is what being unemployed is like.  Yesterday was my last day at work, and I found myself rather at odds with the remainder of the day, post-exit interview.  It was weird being at home in the afternoon.  There was plenty to do, but I couldn’t settle in one place or focus long enough to do anything, so I piddled around until it was time to take the youngest to his drum lesson.

Today I took my eldest out shopping.  We stopped at Just Drums to pick up some things for youngest boy.  Sadly, that store is closing.  It’s a shame, because we just discovered it and it’s very cool.  Then we went to Conte’s bike shop where I fell in love with simply the perfect bike.  Sadly, I am unemployed and it is at a less than perfect price point.  Seems I just love things from Italy.  I’ll have to go there one day to experience it for myself.

In the end, we found a pair of flip flops for eldest boy, along with a bunch of t-shirts and a belt from Old Navy.  Then we wandered over to Barnes & Noble to get some books from his summer reading list, and a book for me.  A substantial lunch from Cracker Barrel ruined our appetite for the rest of our planned expedition so we came home.  Boy went out on his bike for a while (inspired by the bikes earlier in the day) and I have spent some time manually watering the lawn as the sprinkler system is currently down due to a supply line break.  Please, oh please, let us get some rain from the tropical storm making its way up the coast!

In the periods between moving the sprinkler, I have been pinning cocktail recipes on Pinterest.  They all look so refreshing!  I may have to have my own personal little party here soon.  Sangria, goat cheese & crackers, a melon platter, and tasty little finger foods might make a a nice little dinner without worrying about all the house cleaning.  Must think on this.


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