Garden Update

I have been terrible about taking pictures, but thrilled with the garden progress.  The peas are four feet high now with tons of flowers.  The flowers are all white so far, with the exception of one purple and lavender flower.  Yesterday there were just flowers.  Today, half of them are baby pea pods.  I almost can’t wait to eat the peas!  Next year I will plant a ton more.

The beans are still only about six inches high.  They seem to be getting a slow start as they are short and don’t have any flowers yet.  The replanted cucumbers are just about three inches high, but starting to gain some momentum.  The giant cabbage is definitely gaining ground – finally starting to create that tight ball of leaves in the middle.  When we beat the birds to the strawberries, they taste amazing.


Tonight I harvested all the spinach, half the lettuce, two early onions, and four radishes to make into salads for dinner.  I can’t imagine a salad tasting any better than this one.  There is something about the taste of food that was harvested only 15 minutes ago that is delightfully different.  It tasted alive.

Most of the tomatoes have flowers and one of the romas has begun to set fruit.  The peppers look spindly and weak.  I really don’t have any luck growing those.  One is attempting to flower, but overall, they look pretty terrible.  It makes me crazy that I can’t grow a bell pepper to save my life.  However, we can’t eat the radishes fast enough.  Even though we planted them in stages two weeks apart, we had a week of rain and now they are all ready to eat, and some have split from all the precipitation.  The carrots are wimpy.  Maybe we’ll have better luck with them in the fall.  These just don’t seem to want to grow at all.

As far as flowers go, the zinnias and calendula grown from seed are doing well.  The bought zinnias are stumpy, fry fast, and have a bit of mildew.  Nasturtiums are still small, with just foliage so far.  The dahlias have beautiful leaves but no flowers; but the marigolds make up for them all with simply stellar growth.

I would say that the garden experiment is going well, and I am glad that we decided on the square foot method.  We did end up adding a slow release fertilizer that has made a huge difference.  More compost will be added prior to the next go round.  The mix we made seems to be lacking essential nutrients.

In other news, I only have three plants left to go into the ground.  One is the lilac bush.  Then there is the fuschia peony, and the rosebush the kids got me for mother’s day.  We will be returning the pomegranate tree as it died.



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