On Modifications

You may or may not recall my discussion on violin cases earlier this year A Case for a Violin Case

Yesterday my bespoke case finally arrived from Italy. It is perfect and exactly what I wanted.

my violin case

The company custom fit it to my violin. The only quirk is that they kept the 4/4 size case and used the dimensions I provided for my 3/4 fiddle, which is actually not a standard 3/4 in width. For that reason, the case appears extra long, but the lower bout fitted section is actually wide enough to fit the profile.

In other news, I am going to move away from the 17 day diet for a while. I’m dropping the weight I want. Unfortunately, I’m also slipping back into an ED mindset. The last thing I need is to be skinny, but unhealthy so I’m taking with me the concepts of the diet that pertain to healthy food choices, but I’m no longer going to worry about being so strict. Amazing and frightening how after 20 some odd years of recovery that I can still think like an anorexic.


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