Of Spinach Greens and Other Things

Plants grow so slowly.  I’m not usually an instant gratification sort of person, but I’m eager to see some sort of positive results.  There are some, but nothing nearly as dramatic as I had hoped.  We are 30 days post-sowing for most things, and about half still only have first or second leaves still.  Radishes should be ready by now.  One seems ready to pick.  The majority aren’t even close.  I think I may not have mixed my soil properly, because the spinach has some yellowing on the outer leaves too, and everything seems to be growing much slower and remaining much smaller than I remember from when we used to plant directly into the earth.  I expect the problem is that I underestimated the volume of compost needed.  Now that the plants are in, the only solution I can see is either top dressing, or fertilizing.

In other garden news, the frost did not completely kill those two tomatoes, the two peppers, or the nasturtiums.  They are back!  It took some time for the plants to recover, but they are sending out new shoots and leaves so I have hopes that we will see them mature.  The replanted cucumbers have first leaves now too.  The onions are doing quite well, with only one succumbing to failure so far.

I think I will buy some Miracle Gro; and in the meantime harvest some spinach leaves and that radish for dinner tonight so I don’t feel like such a loser.

Here’s the radish.  Still a bit twee, but tasty!


The diet is going well and is encouraging me to get creative for meals.  We had fallen into a bit of a rut and keep going back to the old tried and true favorites, which get boring after a while.  Since those don’t work for me right now, I have been trying new recipes, which I make enough of each time to let everyone try.  Saturday night I learned how to make cauliflower breadsticks.  It’s not bread, but they make a great substitute when bread is out of bounds.  Everyone liked them, so it’s something I will make again.  The recipe makes a decent pizza crust too.  I will be trying that next.

Last night I wasn’t as well prepared as I was for the breadsticks.  I ended up Googling for a few ideas with the contents of the pantry in mind.  What we came up with were tuna burgers.  The tuna patties turned out fantastic!  One of the children declared they were good enough to eat, which from an eleven year old translates to a compliment.  The youngest was turned off by the fishy smell.  He ended up pouring himself a bowl of cereal instead.  Can you tell we never serve tuna fish?


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