Garden Progress Pictures

In the end we had five nights with temperatures cold enough for frost.  As a result we lost two tomato plants, two pepper plants, a dahlia, the nasturtiums, and the cucumbers.  Today I replanted the cucumbers and nasturtiums.  I’m not going to replace the tomatoes, the dahlia, or the peppers.  Instead, my son picked out a four pack of marigolds and we sort of made room for them around the damaged plants.  Part of me hopes the frost bitten ones will survive somehow.  After all, last year we had a tomato come back.  It could happen.

In other news, look how great the spinach and radishes look!


Lettuce and onions doing their thing.


Check out my lilac!  Just have to figure out where to plant it.


Here’s the other bed.  You can see where the tomatoes and peppers died in the top two corners. 



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