Frost Dates Lie

Outside, the temperature is in the upper 70s.  However, tonight we are expecting temps of 32 degrees.  Guess what the predicted last frost date for my area is?  Yup – today.  It has been so warm that I didn’t pay much attention to that.  Yesterday we got the last of the tomatoes planted.

The last time I did this (why yes, I do tend to repeat mistakes), I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal.  It was, and we lost all the warm weather plants.  This time, even though I’m not sure that we will have frost, the low temperatures are sure to affect the plants.  I did some research and decided that some kind of cover would be sufficient as long as it let the plants breath, so I came up with this.


It’s a couple of bedsheets pulled tight over the kids’ soccer goals and held down with pavers.  It’s pretty windy out this afternoon and the setup appears to be holding up well.  I worry about what happens if we get more rain.  I hope that I pulled the sheets tight enough that they don’t sag and damage the plants.


3 thoughts on “Frost Dates Lie

  1. That is a spectacular way to keep the frost off the new plants! I think the rain may be even better for the plants, with the evaporation within the ‘tent’ warming it up just a smidge more.

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