Spring Break

For the first time since I graduated from college, I am taking spring break.  My kids are home from school, so I took time off work to be with them.  In the past, we’ve always had a combination of family members take care of the boys during break, but this year it wasn’t in the cards.  I offered to work from home, but workplace declined saying I really needed to take a straight five days off.

Now, normally when I take off, it’s a working vacation.  Either I have to be somewhere in an official capacity for my volunteer job, or I use the time to do house chores that get put off.  We don’t ever take real vacations.

This year, I wanted to try a staycation.  We have lived here four years but haven’t done much of anything.  We didn’t manage to go anywhere yesterday because the boys and I expanded the square foot garden.  I took a picture  before the plants went in.


The new box is cedar, and the grid fits it perfectly.  I like it much better because it is deeper and looks nicer.  Today we planted zinnias, dahlias, peppers, the rest of the onions, and straw flowers.  Four tomato plants will go in the back corner.  Now that the veggie garden is in we can work on the landscaping out front.  I’m looking forward to finally getting all the plants in the ground.

Our fun trip today was a visit to http://www.henricus.org/aboutus/.  I didn’t know that it existed until we moved here.  It’s much like a smaller and less sophisticated version of Jamestown.  There were hardly any people there so the boys got to spend a great deal of time talking with the interpreters.  Youngest boy was given a cool rock by the Indian interpreter.  We talked about the history of the site with one of the men near the armory; and the man who tends the animals and the garden gave us the history of thatching and tobacco.  It was all very interesting, and the boys loved it.  We let them get some souveniers at the gift shop.  The gift shop has a lot of reproduction items that would make great SCA gifts – lucets, period cookbooks, and pottery, etc.

On the way home we took a driving tour of downtown Richmond. (Read – I got really lost trying to find someplace.)  We decided to have an early dinner, and I treated the boys to a meal at Bertuccis, which is my favorite Italian restaurant.  Moe loved the bruschetta and chicken piccata.  In fact, everyone enjoyed everything, which almost never happens.

We had a great day, ending with a lovely moment on the porch just before sunset.  The boys declared these last two days the best days ever.  Honestly, if this is what vacation is about, I think I have been doing it wrong all along.  I feel so relaxed and happy. 


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