April Garden Update

So far, the garden is doing remarkably well.  The first seeds to germinate were the lettuce and the radishes.  We now have appearances by cucumber, beans, peas, zinnia, calendula, and one lonely carrot top.  Hopefully the other carrots and the nasturtiums are not far behind.  Spinach plants were purchased and planted out.  They have taken well, and are producing new leaves.  The onion sets are standing tall and also producing new shoots.  The cabbage is indifferent.  I hope for Christopher’s sake that it does better soon. It’s his first plant.  There are two squares left in that box.  I intend to put in more lettuce and radish seeds for some later harvesting.

Today’s game plan includes getting the goods to make a second box and materials to make a trellis for the climbing plants.  We have already purchased some plants to go into the proposed new box.  Sitting in their little nursery containers on the deck are four bell peppers, zinnias, and dahlias.  The other half of the onion sets still need to go in, and I’m sure there are more seeds wanting a home.  We’ll fill up a second box for certain.

Moe bought about six tomato plants.  He likes to grow those in containers on the deck.  He also got some herbs and a coffee plant.  There are two trees that need to go into the ground.  One is the lilac tree that mom bought.  It’s about to bloom.  The other is a pomegranate tree.  We’ve always wanted one.  Hopefully we will get some fruit.  Pomegranates are tasty!  There are also plans for grapes.  I think I might buy the vine and go for it.  My violin teacher has good luck with his.  The worst thing that could happen is we don’t get grapes.  I can live with that.


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