Happy Valentine’s!

More snow is here.  I love living in a part of the state that actually gets frozen precipitation.  Unlike many of my acquaintances, I actually have appropriate snow gear – parka, snow boots, etc.  Perhaps it’s the influence of my mom’s upper Midwest upbringing.  For some reason, these are not popular items to have.

I am reasonably OK with the white stuff now that I have a workplace that allows me to telecommute during these types of events.  In the world of banking, we work regardless of the weather because we have Federal regulations governing the number and timing of the days we can be closed.  I have brought home enough work to get a fair amount of things done since I don’t expect to be back in the office until Tuesday.  Yay, three (five) day weekend!

All this time at home is going to give me unlimited time to watch the Olympic coverage.  I’m not as glued to it as I have been in past years, but it still gives me a thrill to see all of these skillful men and women doing something positive and peace-loving.  It’s like a great big world-wide hug despite the ever present undercurrent of political ugliness.

And speaking of hugs, happy Valentine’s day to my husband and sons, and to all my friends and family as well.  I ❤ you all!


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