A Week in Review

What strange weather we are having.  Sunday it was 70 degrees.  I spent part of the afternoon working on the landscaping until I developed a nasty blister from my pruning shears.  Note to self: get new gardening gloves.  Not wearing them was a bad plan.  This morning it snowed.  It was the perfect snow.  Soft and pretty, sticking to everything but the road.  By the time I left for the office it had stopped and the sun made the whole world sparkle.  Most of it had melted by the time I got home.  Let’s have some more snow.  I’m not sick of winter yet.

The first of the seed catalogs have arrived.  I am excited and nervous about trying my hand at square foot gardening.  If we have a few more nice days like we did on Sunday, I will lay out where they are to go and start getting rid of the grass.  I may be in over my head here.

I’m also getting the itch to run again.  The Twilight 4 miler is at the end of April.  It could happen, but only if I get up off the couch and start running again now.

My violin teacher and I addressed the lingering pain I’ve been experiencing after practicing.  Turns out my chin rest was a bad fit and I was contorting my hand in a weird way to play on the E string.  Hopefully the changes lead to long term improvement in the tension arena.  So far, so good.


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