A Summation

Each year, I generally try to post some thoughts regarding the 12 months just past.  I haven’t blogged recently because of some difficult events that have occurred, but I wanted to recap a bit of what happened this year.

I blogged a little bit about knitting.  Life has changed for me since I first picked up the sticks, so there hasn’t been much time devoted to it this year.  I love to knit, and bought the yarn to make a sweater a couple of months back.  I just need to get back to it.  Mostly because I really want to wear that sweater.  I can see it in my head and have planned several outfits around it.

There were some random posts about exercise, the fashion industry, and Pinkwashing, that seemed to  be well received.  Going forward, I will try to integrate some more essays of that nature.  At least I will, once I get my prose chops back.  Don’t quit writing.  It stunts your growth.

I mostly wrote about being an adult beginner on the violin.  Face it, I’m obsessed.  It takes up a lot of my time – hours formerly spent knitting, writing, and things like housework.  You will probably hear a lot more about the violin.  It has been a big year for me.  I advanced from beginner to intermediate, played in several performances, enjoyed some impromptu ensemble time, and purchased not one, but two violins.  It has been a ride.

Family has been a big focus this year.  My sister bought her own place and moved out.  No sooner was she decorating her cozy new pad, than my mother moved in.  I loved having her here and missed her terribly when she went to Italy and Austria for several weeks in October and November.  A week after her return, she was killed in a car accident when she fell asleep at the wheel on a lonely stretch of highway.  She was on her way home.  I can torture myself with if onlys forever, but it doesn’t bring her back.

Since Mom died, things have been a bit chaotic.  Managing the estate is nearly a full time job.  Thankfully, my sister has taken on a large chunk of the phone calls, or I would be much farther behind than I currently am.  We are finally to the stage where probate is in full swing and we have permission from the courts to transact business and pay bills.  Those first 30 days were difficult.  I don’t know how people without such a staunch support system get through it.

We made the holidays as festive as we could, for the children’s sake.  Every few moments we would start something and realize that we did it for my Mom.  A few traditions have changed as a result.  We are still working out holidays.  Some really just don’t have the same meaning to us anymore.  We’ll get there, but this will be a year of change.

So yes, I did put up the Christmas trees.  I need to.  Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I even bought a new one.  It’s only 4 feet tall, but it’s black and I think it’s fantastic.  It looks great with all the red and silver decorations, along with all the clear glass ones that didn’t look right on the white tree.  There’s no such thing as too many Christmas trees.

So that was my year.  I rang it in with good friends, and will ring it out with good friends again.  It is good to be loved.  Happy new year to all of you.  May it bring you more happiness than sorrow.


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