It’s Knitting Weather

I have the crazy urge to knit an orange sweater.  Specifically, THIS orange sweater. 


I have had the pattern lying around for a while, but no yarn in the right weight and amount.  What I do have, is some yummy black mohair that would be perfect for THIS.


My job has changed.  I didn’t change jobs, it changed around me.  So the deal is that we aren’t allowed to wear jeans anymore.  I’m sure you’re all crying for me, right?


The funny thing is, I never liked wearing jeans to work.  I was only wearing them because I’ve gained 15 pounds since starting here, and have been unwilling to face the fact that I had to buy bigger pants.  Sadly, I had to give in, and I bought three pair of dress slacks.  Thank goodness for holiday sales!  I even found a cute pair of shoes for 15 bucks that hopped right into my hands and said “take me home!”.  Now my one pair of hand-me-down-because-I’m too-cheap-to-buy-them jeans is relegated to weekends where they belong.  I’m sure they’re relieved.


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