I have been feeling sluggish and rather down.  In my experience, exercise, proper hydration, and sufficient sleep will combat those feelings.  So this weekend, I started working on those things.  While it wasn’t much, I made sure to get at least six hours of sleep and drink more water.  I know I need more, but it’s a start.  I also took the boys out for a short interval run.  We only did a little over a mile, but they enjoyed themselves and it was nice to have the company.  Week 2 of the C25K program seems to suit their stamina level nicely.  Since I have been out of the running game for a while, it was pretty good for me too, though I could have stood to do a couple more miles.

Other than that, we did very little for the rest of the weekend.  I spent much of my time reading to encourage #1 boy to finish his summer reading assignments.  At least, that was my excuse.  It has been a challenge to find books he enjoys, but I did manage to get him interested in “Maze Runner” and “The Hunger Games”, both of which he is about halfway through.  He totally cheated by reading a Lemony Snicket book, which I think is way below his grade level; but a book is a book and I’ll take what I can get.  For me, I chose some fun vampire detective novels and got through about five of them.  The boy was totally disgusted with me.

Obviously, if I was doing so much reading, little else got done around the house.  All the woolens from Pennsic still need to be cleaned, and the bulk of the laundered clothes are still to be put away.  There are sheets of music all over the living room – haphazard victims of numerous random acts of violins over the past two days.  The dining room table is still burdened with the contents of former sister-in-residence’s buffet; and boxes of items my mom dropped off are lining the foyer while they await permanent homes.  Most of those will be headed to Goodwill.

The outside of the house isn’t much better.  As much as I would like to do some landscaping maintenance, I’m not going to get to it very soon because of the heat.  Why yes, I am a delicate little thing that will melt in the humidity.  The bushes need trimming, and the beds are in desperate need of weeding.  Everything is growing like gangbusters this year.  The moonflowers are four feet tall and blooming like mad.  For the last few nights, we have averaged 13 blooms a night, which is pretty impressive when you know that they only bloom for a few hours.  The cherry tree out front has grown nearly 2 feet this year, and the rosebush by the door is going to get renamed leviathan if it keeps going.  I swear, I cut it to the ground every winter, and by August it’s nearly five feet tall again.  It’s like the Jaws of the front garden.  I keep waiting for it to leap out and swallow some unsuspecting salesman.

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