Filling in the Blanks

Our annual vacation has come and gone. The week of camping was drama free, with unusually lovely weather. Despite the cool temperatures, I still managed to collect the typical selection of sunburn, prickly heat, and bug bites, as well as coming home with a cold that knocked me out of work for a day and a half. It was worth it though because I got the opportunity to work with a beginner’s string ensemble every day. The players were so nice! I learned 7 new early dance tunes and had the chance to work with a variety of people with different skill sets. One day I was one of four violins and a cello. Most days it was just two or three violins and the cello. I want to do more! Right now, I am nagging some local musicians to see if we can’t get together to do the same thing. Hopefully that pans out.

Right before we left, if you recall, I was presented with the opportunity to purchase a violin. From the four choices, I picked – you guessed it – the most expensive one, thanks to some last minute financing. I couldn’t take it camping because it is too delicate due to its vintage state, so I borrowed the old one for the trip. Coming home to play on the new violin was fantastic. I just want to practice all day. Some of that is simply orienting myself to the new setup, but it’s mostly because I love the sound of it so much. Of course, that means I’m on the hunt for a less expensive instrument for traveling.

Some people collect match books. I seem to be in the market to collect violins. Whee! I seem to also be collecting violin strings. Currently winging its way to me from Europe is Warchal’s newest Amber E string. I hope that it is as good as promised. I’m seeking a warm, sweet E with no squeak. Fingers crossed! I’m currently using the Jargar Dolce E string which isn’t bad at all. However, if I like what the Warchal does, I might see about switching from Dominants to Warchal’s Ametysts. I like Dominant strings, but the price has nearly doubled in the last year.

I do feel guilty fiddling around so much when we still have so much work to do to put the house back in order from my sister moving out, and vacation chaos. Mom may be moving in soon, and I can’t have new disorder added to the current state. I’m at my limit with the untidiness now. I know we will all feel better if the house is returned to a more pristine condition.


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