Picking and Choosing

And now we get to the hard part. Violin #1 went back to the shop for minor restoration. I test drove instruments #2-4 tonight. What I was afraid would happen came to pass. My stretch violin choice is a pass. I’m not in love. The inexpensive option is OK, but not my favorite, though perhaps with a different E string, a new bridge, and a better bow, it might pass. Nope – as usual, I’m in love with the most expensive, and once again, the ugliest, violin.

How do I always manage to pick the ugliest and most expensive violin? The sound is so lush and rich, like chocolate and roses. It has such depth of tone color, that I know it would be a joy to play it every day. But I can’t justify cashing out securities to buy it. *pout* Not to mention that I would still need to invest in a better bow since my carbon fiber doesn’t cut it. Also, it has a lot of wear, including some table cracks which look to be stable and not anywhere near a danger to the integrity of the body.

Does the young domestic violin with good projection and evenness across the strings have the potential to grow into the one I am in love with? I don’t know. How long does that take to happen anyway? This one has the most attractive fittings and scroll, but oh is it orange! And it has a weird repair, or scrape in one of the C bouts. Bizarre.

The discard played the easiest of all of the instruments. It has the most pleasant varnish too. But the sound was too dark. It hid my errors well, which would make me lazier than I already am. However, I can’t get past its raspy voice.

So that’s what’s out there for me at the moment. What to choose?


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