Win Win

Hey, look! Knitting content. Seems bizarre that a blog entitled “Knit Blog Run” has had very few entries about kitting or running lately. Sorry about that. Here’s a quick knitting fix:

I was logging some volunteer hours at the office this morning when I ran across this opportunity: From the Heart Stitchers

This group knits items for newborns, hospital patients, soldiers, and the homeless. A group at one of our downtown offices regularly meets to knit together for this organization. I wouldn’t be able to do that, not being downtown and all, but knitting quilt squares would be a great way for me to use up left over sock yarn. My collection of left over yarn is reaching rather epic proportions, so this sounds perfect. Plus, knitting a 12 inch square is easy enough to do in an evening so the commitment is near zero.

A volunteer opportunity that also benefits me (helping alleviate my growing lack of storage) is a win/win. I’m never going to make that sock yarn blanket anyway. My yarn scraps don’t even come close to coordinating. Apparently, I’m not very picky about colors. I just like everything.

This could also be a neat way to work on skills that I need for future projects. We are supposed do test swatches to see how gauge is going to work out. If I make those swatches in the size required for donation, I can give them away. Maybe this will be incentive to actually make the swatches rather than skip it and end up with a sweater in the wrong size (hasn’t happened yet, but you never know). Heck, maybe I’ll even try that entrelac thing. Nah! I’m not that nuts.

In other knitting news, my sister asked me to work up some dishcloths for the kitchen in her new house. They take about two hours each, and I knitted the first one up while doing laundry yesterday. She’s super happy with it, and I was glad to do it. There’s enough yarn to make one or two more, which I’m sure I will get to eventually. They might make good Pennsic knitting. I don’t need a pattern, and I won’t have to keep them super clean while they are being worked up. That’s sort of important on a week-long camping trip.


2 thoughts on “Win Win

  1. We use knitted washcloths at Pennsic (and at home, now that I think of it) because they are so good at gently scrubbing one’s skin of dirt and dead skin cells. I find that they work better than cotton terry cloth.

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