The Yorktown Room

My sister moved out yesterday.  She bought a cute little townhouse in the museum district.  La de da.  Seriously, I am happy for her, but I miss her like mad already and she’s only living 15 minutes away.

On the other hand, now I have to face some of the issues I had before she moved in.  Like decorating.  I knew all along she was a temporary addition to the family.  At first it was a few weeks, then maybe a couple of months; but in the end she stayed, at our invitation, for over a year.  With the temporary addition of an additional house full of goods, all of my plans to decorate came to a screeching halt.  All stop. 

See, we both have rather eclectic furniture tastes.  Plus, storage became a real issue.  We coped.  It was fun.  However, now I’m back to square one with the decorating.  OK, square two, because sissy decorated the boys’ bath for me.  One room painted, twelve more and a vast amount of hallway to go.  Who’s counting?  Oh right, me.

With sis gone, I figured I would start with the guest room, formerly known as Elizabeth’s crash pad. After all, it’s empty now and the guest bed is still in the rec room.  Before she moved in, we named all the bedrooms in the house.  The guestroom was named the Yorktown room in honor of happy memories we have of the place. I was originally going to paint the room Colonial Blue.  Now I think the color is too dark for the 10×10 space.  After soliciting comments from friends and family, I am (sort of) settled on a soft buttery yellow.  Of course, that throws off every other plan I had for the space, but whatever.  That’s part of the fun, right?  I would like to put in white furniture.  The bed we have for that room is mahogany.  It used to be my mothers, and I don’t want to refinish it in case she asks for it back.  Perhaps if I get a distressed white nightstand and maybe a small chair with the same sort of feel, it will come together alright.  Or I could make a nod to my original plan and do the blue on the furniture. That would involve refinishing existing furniture.  Not my favorite thing to do, but something I’m capable of.  It would certainly be cost effective, which is an issue.  I feel like we are always bleeding money these days.  *sigh*

So that’s the tentative plan.  We will see how it goes.



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