Still Alive – Just Crazy Busy

Busy, busy, busy.

It is a crazy time of year for us. The kids have tons of activities, and many friends, so they often need to be transported somewhere to participate. This spring has been chock full of fishing trips, camping, fulfilling boy scout badge requirements, group projects, orientations, extra-curricular programming, and birthday parties.

Our oldest son has taken up the guitar and is enjoying his lessons very much. Practice time in our house has been dubbed “dueling strings” by the non-instrumental set. Personally, I don’t find the violin and guitar practice disturbing at all. We are both focused enough that we aren’t bothered by what the other is playing.

Youngest boy is nagging us for drum lessons. I have a feeling he will need to practice on his own if we give in. I’m not competing with that. My rhythm is bad enough without worrying whether I am with the metronome or inadvertently switched to the drum beat.

My sister, who has lived with us for over a year now, is set to close on her new home at the end of next month. Soon, she will be gone, and the house will be quieter and emptier. She has been an invaluable asset – providing extra childcare and errand-running. With Moe’s work schedule so erratic, that has been a lifesaver. I will miss her when she moves away. We have become such good friends now that we are both adults.

Mom is in the final throes of getting her house put on the market. I cleared my things out of her garage (well, all but the weight bench since it didn’t fit in the truck) which should help her get to the last few things on her personal punch list. She really should have the realtor in to let her know what must be done. Then she could hire a contractor and get all the work done in a few days. Sometimes Mom is way too independent. It’s not always sensible to DIY everything. At any rate, we are eager to have her close by and I am just chafing at the bit at how long it is taking. I have no personal attachment to that house. It’s just a building. Family is what matters, and I want mine right here, thankyouverymuch.


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