Happy New Year!

They say to begin the new year as you mean to go through it so we were so glad to be invited to spend the evening with friends. In fact, we were asked to no fewer than three gatherings, though we only went to one. We chose to spend our last moments of 2012 by honoring the invite from the folks we have known the longest. It was a great decision.

Last night we rang in the year with good food, drinks, and wonderful company. Even though we all have kids now, we can still party. The only difference is that we are smarter about our drinking. We still goof off playing games, listening to music, hanging out, and watching the ball fall. Only now we don’t have to worry about one of our friends passing out in a ditch or puking in their pants while sitting on the toilet. Win!

Sometimes getting old is awesome.

Today we began as we mean to continue by tidying up the downstairs, which was still a wreck from Saturday’s family Christmas gathering. Moe is cooking pork & sauerkraut. The kids pitched in with chores, and I practiced my violin (after chores, natch).

I have long since stopped making resolutions because when I do, it always results in disappointment. However, I did lay some long term plans last year in my head.

Learn to play the violin: After three tries, I finally found a teacher. He’s great, and I’m already well into the 2nd book in the Suzuki program. Not bad for 8 months. I’m progressing nicely, according to my instructor.

Let my foot heal and start running again: It’s as healed as it is going to get, and I can generally do a couple of miles. This year I will likely try to incorporate some upper body strength training and keep the running at a low level. No more races for me for a while.

Quit volunteering for SCA jobs: Big old fail. Once again, I managed to commit to a long term job. At least this one is fun much of the time.

Improve my production at work: Done! Big time improvement. The key for me was switching to a much earlier schedule so that I got home at a reasonable hour which reduced stress and resentment. If Moe ever finds a job, it’s going to be a challenge to maintain my awesome hours.

Take a vacation: Ok, it wasn’t the vacation I was planning on, but it was fun all the same. I still haven’t given up on the fun family trip though. It will happen at some point.

Once again, I have some idea what I would like to accomplish this year; but I’m not going to lay it out in print. If it stays in my head, I can’t be held accountable for the failure to complete. Then you can all celebrate in my success next year with no recourse for recriminations.

I’m crazy like that.


One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. I totally agree with not making New Year’s resolutions. I started a list of things I want to work on completing. No time frame needed. Life tends to intrude when concrete plans are made. Someday, maybe not this year I will have accomplished most of the plans.
    By the way, I never spent much time playing bridge. I did attend a lot of luncheons, required cocktail parties, and I bowled. The bowling started when I discovered lessons that included free babysitting. A couple hours with adults and going to the grocery store without two preschool children was the respite I need to maintain some form of sanity. I needed that to listen to my husband’s daily reweiw of HIS lunchtime bridge game.

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