I don’t care much for celebrating Halloween.  The whole trick or treat thing was definitely downplayed by my folks long before my 10th birthday and I grew up with it being just a minor blip on the radar that happened before a holy day.  I feel about it something akin to what non-Christians must think about Christmas, i.e. it’s a big annoying pain in the ass to get through.  So while it’s amusing on occasion to see grown people decorate their homes, or hold costume parties, and whatnot, I remain uninterested. 

Of course, I have to make a show for the kids.  We carve pumpkins, roast seeds, and trick or treat.  But I’d rather be working on an art project or reading a book.  It’s amazing how into it the boys are considering they can’t eat 2/3rds of the candy they get due to allergies.  I suppose they must get a lot of hype about it from school friends and television ads.  I try not to step on their fun though.  Kids should be allowed to be kids.

At least this year, I got to work on an art project.  My oldest is going around with a group of other boys and girls tomorrow evening as characters from the “Adventure Time” cartoon.  He and I made a BMO costume. BMO is a robot hand-held game system.  I think.  Anyway, it’s supposed to look like this:


We made it out of a cardboard box spray painted blue (courtesy of #1 boy and his Pop-po) with decorations made of felt and sharpie.  He loves it, and I’m pleased that he came up with something so creative.  My youngest son is going out as a ninja.  Again.  I’ll try to get a picture before they go around tomorrow evening.  Fortunately the weather will be clear, as hurricane Sandy is over.  Last year they trick-or-treated during a nor-easter.  Sure didn’t want to deal with that again!

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