10 Things I love about my little boys

Let’s face it, raising kids is hard.  Not just a little bit hard, either.  It is harder than anything I have ever done.  All of the sudden, your ego has to take a back seat, and you start putting their needs first.  Kind of like how I went from someone who makes fun of people with minivans, to desperately wanting one about 10 years back.  I’m back in a sedan now, but in the years when the kids were little, the van was a divine luxury I would not have wanted to live without.

Sometimes I get caught up in the grind of making a living and forget why we drag ass to work every day.  This evening I was joyfully reminded why we do what we do for our kids.  But especially, what I love about my little boys

1.  Little boys give the best hugs.  Those are no-holds-barred, love you like nobody else, glorious hugs.  There’s no comparison.

2. I never have to guess what they are feeling. When they are happy, they jump around, dance, and sing. They slam doors and stomp up the stairs when they are angry, and cry like the world is ending when their feelings get hurt.  And hugs make everything better.

3. They never run out of energy and never run out of things to say.  My boys even talk in their sleep!

4.  They are independent, and incredibly self-sufficient.  They can cook and clean, and invent things.

5.  My boys like crafts, and don’t think it’s too girly to knit or sew.

6.  The boys are intensely interested and curious about how the world works.  They ask questions about economics, science, math, and nature; and will investigate anything that piques their interest.

7.  They will watch bonnets (costume dramas) with me without complaining.

8.  The boys get me active.  They get me excited about riding bikes, playing ball, and going for a run.

9.  They crave adventure, and living in general. 

10. But best of all, they want to spend time with us.  Their love is so genuine.  There’s no better feeling in the world than to walk in the room and see their eyes light up.  It makes me want to be a better person.


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