CSI: Bonnet

I like costume dramas.  I like them so much they have become a running joke in the house.  If I’m alone with the TV, 9 times out of 10 I’m going to be tuning to Mansfield Park, or Sense & Sensibility or some such thing.  My family has termed all such shows “bonnets”.  As in “Are you watching bonnets again?”  Usually accompanied by either giggling or a heavy sigh, depending on the age of the asker.

Turn about is fair play though.  My resident sister loves cop shows.  She particularly loves CSI, SVU which, given her career choice is too much like bringing work home for me.  I love watching bonnets because I like escape.  Sissy loves reality.  Amazingly, we get along pretty well for room mates.  Anyway, all of her shows are CSI (or dance fight – that’s another blog post); and all of mine are bonnets.

Got it?  Nobody confused?  Good.

So the other night, while indulging in watching the Dr. Who marathon (which sometimes has bonnets in it), I saw a preview for a show called Copper.  Copper is is a detective show set during the 1900s. Yup, CSI in a bonnet setting.  Finally, a show Sissy and I can watch together – CSI Bonnet!!!!  We are addicted. 

S: Hey, it’s a cop show!

Me: Yup.  And it has bonnets.  How can you not love this?

S: Oh, I am loving this.  Hey, why is that doctor sketching out the victim’s injury?  He should just take a picture.  I take pictures.  Sketching takes too long.

Me:  They don’t have cameras.

S: Oh. Right!  Now I feel dumb.

Me: Don’t feel dumb.  I was just wondering why he didn’t flip on the light.  Duh!

S: This is totally awesome!

Me: I know, right?!



One thought on “CSI: Bonnet

  1. We love that show too! And I giggle at the ‘bonnets’! If left to my own devices, I watch BBC and PBS bonnets, too.

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