I remember when I was a kid, summer was a long joyful time with little responsibility. Somehow, that freedom gets stolen away when you grow up.

At any rate, I have found time to indulge a little bit in all things recreational, though not to the extent my kids have been. They have been all over the place, bowling, pool parties, house parties, random neighborhood forts and whatnot. The boys are having an absolute blast. It’s such a joy to see!

I’ve made some time for fun too. My sister and I spent a whole day shopping, movie watching, and eating out. That was pretty cool. Periodically I drag out my current knitting project and do a few rows, though it’s to the point in the shawl when every row takes like 20 minutes, so I sort of avoid it mostly.

Violin lessons are going pretty well. I’m nearly 2/3rds of the way through Suzuki book 1, which I’m told is pretty darn good progress. I’m kicking myself for not buying a new bow when I came across it because now I’m out of cash to get it. Boo!

But the reason I’m out of cash is because I’m getting ready to go to Pennsic for the first time in 9 years. I’m both excited and terrified. Neither my husband nor I have enough clothing to get through a historical camping event for a week. And frankly, I’m not much of an outdoor girl. Camping for that long might just be the end of me. Before I even worry about that, I need to get my act together to make sure we have our gear in order. It seems as if we need so much! I should be sewing instead of blogging. Oh well!

If all that weren’t enough, I’ve gotten back on the road with my running. My adductors are killing, but fitness is coming back – albeit more slowly than I’d like. Part of the reason I’m running again is because I’ve gained an embarrassing amount of weight. But it’s also a means for me to get used to being outdoors in the heat, and gaining endurance for a long week of walking everywhere.

Here’s to summer! I hope you are enjoying yours.


One thought on “Summer

  1. I am so glad that you are going to Pennsic but I feel you pain about the garb. I should be sewing but instead I have been quilting.

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