I’ve been inspired by the work of a fellow researcher for some time. His name is Tom, and he builds furniture for 16th and 17th century reenactment. His website has a number of examples of his furniture.

The piece that most intrigues me is this triangular backstool:

However, my wood working skills are few, with finished projects limited to a six board chest (of which there are no pictures), and a couple of break-down benches.

So, since I have only rudimentary woodworking skills, I figured I should start with a small project first. Being short, my feet are often left swinging uncomfortably from too tall chairs. A small foot stool would suit my needs nicely. My thought is that I could try to make a stool like tom’s (pictured below) as a warm up to making the back stool.

I have seen pictoral evidence of such stools and might be able to work it into an A&S project/competition entry. It has been a long time since I entered one, and feel like it’s something I need to do.

At any rate, I know there are a few locals with lathes that I can hopefully trade some work with so that I can try my hand at turning the legs for my little project. Let’s see how far I actually get on it.


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