I’m a violin student!

Finally! Four weeks after the initial phone call, I heard back from the last (#3) violin teacher. On Friday, we met for an initial interview and I think it is going to work out. He teaches the Suzuki method, which I have never used before. Having been a traditional learner before, I will probably supplement the materials so that I can practice sight reading again. I am to get a book and some other things before my first real lesson this Friday coming up.

Sadly, the lovely violin that my friend has loaned me was deemed too big for me because my fingers can’t comfortably reach the G string. The teacher has allowed me to borrow a ¾ size violin that he had lying around, but it needs at least new strings and a new tail piece to get it into playable condition and it came with a plastic (fiberglass?) bow that adds little to its charms. The violin itself seems WAY too small and hard to get sound from, but whether that is a function of it being a scaled down children’s instrument, or if I’m just preferring the size and sound of the better instrument, I don’t know.

All this leaves me wondering if I really need such a small instrument. Most middle schoolers use a 4/4 violin, and I can’t imagine that they are all bigger than I am, even if I am quite short. I inquired about whether a 7/8 instrument would be better, but the teacher said the 3/4 was fine.

So who’s right here? I should give the instructor the benefit of the doubt on the size. But what if I visit a luthier and try some instruments and he/she makes a different suggestion. Which party’s opinion deserves the greatest weight?

Ugh. I’m getting ahead of myself. I need to be grateful that I have not one, but two instruments to play, both of which have been loaned with good intention. Who is to say whether I will even be worthy of the favors at this point?


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