Inside Voices

I have an inner teenager. She mopes around and whines whenever she doesn’t get her way. “But Mooooooom! I really NEED hot pink platform heels. What do you mean I have to dress my age? Work is stupid. Plus, who needs to know how to do all that job stuff anyway? It’s not like I’m ever going to USE those things in my REAL life. Can I have some money? Why can’t I go to the mall???? Nobody is going to think I’m cool if all I do is work and clean house. You’ll never understand me. I hate you!” (Insert sound of bedroom door slamming.)

Today is one of those days. As a morning person, I’m way more productive before lunch than afterwards, but today we had a meeting that took up the majority of my morning. By the time I got out of the meeting and ate lunch, I was pretty much incapable of settling down into any kind of work routine. It was the type of afternoon where you get a dozen fires to put out. Once they were at a low simmer, I was pretty much crispy fried. And that was before getting any production underway. Ugh!

It was the perfect day for my inner teenager to stomp around and throw things inside my head. I’m waiting for her to put on some Depeche Mode and paint her toenails black so she’ll leave me alone. At least when she’s moping, I can get some work done.


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