In Pursuit of the Artist

The search for private violin instruction continues. So far I have dealt with an internet teacher who turned out to be immature and unprofessional – clearly unwilling to work with an older adult. Although I was eager, followed directions to a T, and was prompt with my lessons, she became less and less responsive; and eventually dropped me, without informing me why or giving me the option to continue. She simply stopped returning correspondence. The second was a highly qualified professional musician who called me back with a very enthusiastic voice mail, but never returned a single call or email after the initial contact. And now I have a call into yet another professional player and teacher who was recommended by a local violin shop. I left a voice mail yesterday afternoon, but have not received a call back yet. Who’s impatient? I am!!!!

Someone asked me why a teacher would not want an adult student because that person felt that an adult would be ideal, i.e. motivated, easy to direct, and a safe financial bet. My counter-argument was that adults have more events to interfere with lessons and practice time, are more likely to skip a lesson without making prior arrangements, might be more willing to challenge the authority of the instructor, are likely pursuing music as a hobby so may progress more slowly as a result, and may be more likely to argue against the value of an art education and attempt to underpay for the privilege of taking lessons.

I have a whole other rant against how many of the traditionally-employed undervalue the independently-employed in the arts, but that’s for another day.

So while I am definitely pursuing music as a hobby, it doesn’t follow that I am less likely to value the opportunity to do so just because so many do. Maybe that has to do with the many years I was an independent artist. Maybe I just like music. Shouldn’t a teacher be willing to invest their time in me if I show a willingness to be a good student? Some adult students can be exasperating. I know, because I’ve instructed a few myself; but shouldn’t I have the same chance as your average 8 year old?

Source: via Krista on Pinterest

I miss music.


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