Reinventing This Old Lady

I expected to feel some pain following my rash decision to run five miles after a three month hiatus. What I did not expect was to have all of that pain confined to my core muscles. Legs are fine. Abdominals are killing me and it feels so good.

Looks like my form needs work. On the other hand, I never expected to be excited about having delayed onset muscle soreness. I painted my toenails to celebrate.

Yes, I am a dork.

I wanted to do 2 miles today, but this week’s schedule has thrown me for a complete loop. At least I know I can probably run on Sunday if Kim and Christine go. I’m making up for not running today by doing squats in front of the TV and climbing up and down the stairs in my house.

Speaking of stairs, there are 136 stairs in our stairwell at work. I’ve been making an effort to get up at least one trip all the way up and down those steps each day. I’m still not getting my 10,000 steps each day, but at least I’m getting up from my desk and doing something at least once a day.

Maybe I can wear shorts this summer. That would make me so happy!


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