All words and no images.

One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging regularly is because I have three cameras, but none of them will take more than 3 pictures before the batteries die. In my opinion, pictures make a blog more interesting; and as much as I enjoy sharing other people’s images, it’s far more relevant if the pictures are my own.

Now I don’t know if the reason I have this battery problem is because I’m using the wrong batteries, or because I’m using cheap cameras. I’m not terribly camera savvy, so I lean towards cameras for dummies, and I require that they be digital and small, with a decent macro setting. Perhaps I’m just wanting too much for what I’m willing to pay.

At any rate, if anyone has a suggestion for getting better battery life, or wants to suggest a decent way to get my pictures taken besides my phone, which sucks for usability, I’m all ears.


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