10 weird facts about me:

10 – I didn’t own my first pair of jeans until high school.

9 – I sort of like doing laundry.

8 – I don’t really care for cake. Bring on the pie!

7- It makes me sad when I finish something.

6- Rainbows and unicorns are still cool. Unicorns farting rainbows? Awesome!

5- I still want a black-light poster. One with butterflies would rock my world.

4- Learning new stuff is neato except for the part where I have to forget something to make room for it.

3- No matter how warm it is, I still want a mountain of blankets. You know, so the monsters can’t get me.

2- I wish I had taken more chances.

1- Sometimes I wear my tiara when I’m cleaning house. After all, it’s easy to feel like a princess when you’re wearing a tiara.

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