Project Updates

I’ve been working on knitting projects on and off but have been stalled on most of them. For instance, the Glynis socks by Cookie A. and I are in a stand-off because I need to kitchener the toe to free up the needles for the second sock. Why? Because I kitchener like crap. But I really like these socks and I want to wear them before the cold weather is over. I need to put on my big girl panties and make the attempt, good or bad, so I can move on. Unless someone wants to kitchener for me. No? Well, darn.

Other stalled knitting projects for one reason or another: Krista Tee, Fair Isle tam, and gothic arm warmers. The tee isn’t a big deal, because it’s a summer piece anyway, but darn it, I really want a chance to wear the hat and the arm warmers before it gets too warm (again). That, and I feel really guilty for wanting to cast this on, like right this very second:

Source: via Krista on Pinterest

Isn’t it darling? I picture myself proudly wearing this fresh-off-the-needles, absolutely error free (natch), well fitting concoction in hopes that I can capture the idyllic look and feel of the photo. Of course, what’s more likely to happen is that I have about a half dozen obvious errors, ball the project up in the bottom of my work bag for a couple of years, and end up throwing it out once the cotton starts to turn ugly colors. You know, like the Krista Tee. I’m just bound and determined to finish that stupid thing. All it needs is cap sleeves and sewing together. I could finish it in less than a day. I could probably finish all of my projects in a long weekend.

Hey…… THIS is a long weekend!

In other news, I borrowed a bunch of books from the library and am plowing through them with gusto. I discovered that I hate a book with a tragic ending. It seems unfair that the protagonist should die right when things start to get good. Maybe I need to cleanse my palate with a bawdy romance or something. These women’s lit novels are bringing me down.

Other projects on the horizon include making some bobbin lace bookmarks for practice while I decide what kind of trim to do, digging out the craft room, and making some new SCA clothes for the family. The boys have none at all anymore, and Moe definitely needs some options to prevent him from looking like a hobo that stumbled into the gold key at an event. Anybody want to go fabric diving with me?


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