Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth and other Anachronisms

I met up with some friends at a local museum last night to take in a lecture on early period bobbin lace.

Source: flickr.com via Krista on Pinterest

It was a pretty well attended lecture considering the subject, and there was a large portion of the usual crowd of older folks that attend museum lectures, largely interspersed with people that do SCA.

The friend that I was sitting with had brought her crochet which sparked a conversation with one of the older ladies. It had to do with why no one hand makes gifts for showers any more, and the conclusion came down to equal parts of lack of time/knowledge/inclination, and a desire not to put in the effort when the recipient would rather have something off their registry.

I too, have been torn with indecision in cases like these. On the rare occasion where I have made a gift, it appears to have been appreciated by the recipient. But I am constantly wondering if they would rather have had a gift card or something that they picked out.

Have we become rude, do you think? Isn’t it a bit awful to ask for specific things? We should be grateful that someone thought so well of us that they would make whatever effort they were capable of, shouldn’t we? For my part, it is much harder to create something than to buy it. Sometimes I choose to because I am so inclined, and sometimes it is a financial issue. I’ll be honest and say that.

So what do you think it is? Have we become lazy, or more attuned to the desires of the recipient?


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