Cover your ears – I’m practicing.

Yesterday, the family had a bit of fun. After Moe got home from work, we all went down to Cary Town to the guitar shop. The technician changed out my 20 year old strings, and now my old Yamaha plays a lot better. Trip is having a great time trying to teach himself new chords and is eager to develop his callouses. I hope to be able to afford some lessons for him around his birthday. Right now isn’t a good time with baseball about to start.

The guys at the shop mentioned that my guitar is a very good one. Moe looked it up online when we got home and I’m shocked at what my father must have paid for it. It’s worth a fair amount now. Trip knows he must be careful with it or I will lose my mind if something happens to it.

After the guitar shop, we stopped in at the fancy, professional bike shop. I fell in love with a really cool beach cruiser, though I know I probably would enjoy riding a racing bike much more. The guys were pretty impressed with all of the bikes.

Then I talked them into going down to one of the violin shops. I spoke with the owner, and got some names of some local instructors that might not mind having a part-time adult beginner. If I can get a real lesson once or twice a month, perhaps I can avoid some of the more egregious errors.

We talked about how much it might cost if I were to purchase a decent student violin. The price was about twice as much as I had hoped. It will take me quite a while to afford one. Sadly, the student violins held next to no appeal for me. They sounded nice enough, but the finishes were not to my taste at all. This shop did not carry any variety in the lower end so I would be forced into a choice there.

Today I have been working on learning the A minor scale. It isn’t complicated, but I have having a hard time remembering the names of the notes as I play them. Learning the piano was so much easier because everything had a natural progression. The violin is by far the most difficult instrument I have ever tried to play.


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