A Rite of Passage

Funny, but sometimes when I have a really productive day at work, it translates to an enthusiasm for getting other things done when I get home. Despite staying at the office later than usual, and spending an extra 15 minutes stuck in traffic on the bypass, I was raring to go when the commute ended.

Moe was crashed out on the couch. He was out late last night, so that 4am alarm, and super busy day must have taken its toll. We had made no plans for dinner. Instead, I grabbed the kids and made a trip to the library. It is long past time for them to get their own library cards and we remedied that tonight.

The boys were excited about getting their own cards. After becoming official members of the library, they immediately started cruising the aisles looking for something to take home. The oldest picked up a cookbook (natch), and the youngest got two books, one fiction, and one nonfiction.

Source: flickr.com via Krista on Pinterest

Getting ones own library card has always been a right of passage in my family. Now my kids can enjoy all the wonders the library can provide. All I have to do is keep track of the books, of which there is a nice happy stack on the table at the end of the couch. Yay!

In other news, Moe got the sprinkler system shut down and blown out for the winter, and is arranging for the alarm system to get put in the house. I am feeling remarkably suburban all of the sudden.


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