Preparing for the Holidays

This last move was not really well planned.  I can tell because I still can’t find at least one box of Christmas decorations.  Even with two trees up, and the mantle and staircase decked out, it still doesn’t feel like the holidays around here.

The other thing is that the decorations that looked great in our old farmhouse in the ghetto look totally wrong in the new house.   I left about half of them in the boxes.  It would be nice to buy new decorations that fit this house better, but it won’t happen this year.  Instead, I’m going nuts on Pinterest, pinning everything that might work for the future.

My goal right now is to get the house looking nice enough to feel good about inviting people over.  Even though we’ve moved to an area with a lot of people we know, our social lives have been almost completely nonexistent.  I’m not sure that people would come over even if we invited them.  That’s probably just me being insecure.

In other news, the weather has been unseasonably warm.  It has been so warm the grass needs to be mowed.  I think that’s crazy considering it’s almost December.  On the other hand, it has been great for the kids.  They have gotten to spend a lot of time outdoors playing with their friends.  They love it.

I’ve been encouraging them to spend more time being active.  This morning, both kids ran a mile and a half with me.  I should have gone back out and run about five more, but I was eager to decorate the house.  If I had known how disappointing the house decorating situation would turn out, I probably would have run ten just to avoid it.


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