Race Memories

There is so much I want to remember about this race. The first thing being that I actually met the goal I set for myself. In fact, I beat it. Ok, only by 26 seconds, but that totally counts!

And I got a totally awesome medal!

But back to cool things I want to remember – like the guy in the 8K who ran the race while juggling 4 bean bags. Or my favorite police officer at mile 11 who put his best drill sergeant act on. He was all “This is MY mile. Nobody stops to walk on my watch. Yup, you! Keep running, girl, you totally got it.” My favorite cheer station was the Extreme Fitness people who threw a Mad Hatter tea party at mile 10, complete with characters like Alice & the white rabbit, and a giant, bigger than life chess game.

Also, and this may sound weird, but I totally want to run a race in costume. I’m never going to be a fast runner, or someone who will get mistaken as serious competition. Why not have some fun with it? Does that make me crazy?

And now for the swag.

Not kidding!

Four shirts, bay-bee! That’s one cotton volunteer shirt (green), a long sleeved tech shirt (race) and one each of a singlet and short sleeve shirt, both technical fabric (team shirts). The flowers, head lamp, & reflective vest were presents from my family. Everything else was from the expo, including a $500 coupon towards a new car. Shut up! There are a few things that are missing from the pile, because the kids have made off with them, but still. That is a lot of stuff from a single race.

Last but not least, the team photo. You probably can’t see me, but I’m all the way to the right, third from the bottom.

Whups, not last, here are the Penguins (my team within a team).


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