Pre-race Rambling

Why yes, I did get my dress made in time. Thank you for asking. 🙂 It looked OK. Wish I could say I looked OK in it, but such is the life of a fat girl.

I still haven’t run. Part of me is really afraid that if I do, that it will hurt. This really isn’t good because the half marathon is on Saturday; but the stubborn part of me would rather be a DNF (did not finish) than a DNS (did not start). Maybe I can get in a couple of easy miles after the bus comes on Friday. Not too much, just enough to shake out the kinks. At least I’ll have daylight. I hate that Moe’s work hours conflict with mine. It makes it harder to get a run in.

On the good side of things, my friend Pam is in the same corral, and agreed to pace me. I have a bad habit of taking off like a jackrabbit and tanking by mile 10. We’re also both running the Shamrock in VA Beach in March. I’m pretty stoked about it. There’s a FREE training team on Saturdays this winter. Can’t wait! Maybe I can talk my friend Laruse into running with us even though she is planning to run a different half mary on the same day.

In other news, I’m still madly cramming for my class. So much material, so little time! The bad thing is that I know most of the material, but learned it so long ago that I don’t know the “modern” terminology which will totally screw me on the test.

Sorry I’m so random. Tapering makes me jittery.


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