Since I’m not running, I had to find something to do so I don’t eat all of the Halloween candy in the house. I figure the sewing room is on the third floor which is safe from the kitchen because there are way too many stairs involved to go up and down just for candy. Also, the higher you go in this house, the warmer it gets. Yay me. That’s thinking!

Of course, I really should have made this dress like last week since I have to wear it Saturday, but I was busy running in a monsoon and subsequently crying over my stupid calf strain. Then, I had to study for class on Tuesday; and yesterday I couldn’t find the pattern I needed. I suppose that means I ought to finish unpacking at some point.

Anyway, if you need me, I’m upstairs sewing like a mad woman on crack. Ok, well caffeine. The diet coke moratorium is over until I get past this weekend. I need the boost.

Happy running, or sewing, or knitting, or whatever. I’ll see you after the weekend. That is, unless I need to waste more time on the internet instead of working.


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